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Individual Coaching

As a life coach, I will help you clarify your own life goals and develop an actionable, results-oriented plan to achieve them. You define the goals. I apply my training and expertise to help you identify limiting beliefs that have held you back, strengths and resources that you can bring to the situation, and key relationships in your life that should be respected and nurtured. I will then help you take action to maximize your potential, based upon what is most important to you in living  your best life. 

Common goals and situations I can help with might include:

  • Relationship issues

  • Life transitions (divorce/separation, marriage/remarriage, childbirth, etc.)

  • Professional challenges

  • Grief and loss

  • Stress, feeling overwhelmed, being stuck

  • ...or whatever is most important to you in order to maximize your personal potential

Parent Coaching

Parents face special challenges. Raising a child is one of the most difficult of all of life's roles. Whether you are parenting as a couple, doing so alone, or attempting to coparent with a former partner, you face  wide range of stresses, concerns, and issues.


What's more, these issues change as your children grow through the stages of childhood, each of which has its own particular concerns (and joys). As a single father and stay-at-home dad of three scholl-age children of my own, I get it!

I am well positioned to help coach you and help you work toward the peaceful, stable, joyful home you desire. 

Divorce Coaching

Going through a divorce or separation is widely considered to be one of life's greatest challenges. When there are children involved, this process becomes even more fraught with stress and pitfalls. Navigating this process in a way that allows you and those who depend on you to not just survive, but thrive is crucial.

An experienced, empathetic coach can make the process much more positive, less painful, and more likely to obtain the outcomes you want. As a believer in child-centered, collaborative divorce, I can help you navigate this major transition in your life with dignity, compassion, strength, and self-respect.

Coaching for Parents & Teachers of Children who Have Experienced Trauma

Parents and professionals (teachers, therapists, coaches, and others) who work with children facing special challenges need experienced, knowledgeable support. Children who have experienced trauma, domestic violence, foster care, institutionalization, abuse, or neglect can present special challenges for the adults in their lives. These parents and professionals often need coaching from someone who can really understand their situations and provide relevant, context-specific advice.  

With special training in treating complex childhood trauma, and deep experience working with children and families as well as schools and teachers, I am well positioned to help you overcome your special challenges and take effective action to improve your life and that of the children who depend on you.

Community Education & Training

One of my passions is helping schools, organizations, and whole communities learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences and build safe, supportive, resourceful systems for parents and children. I would be happy to talk to you about ways I can help support you and your group set and achieve your own unique goals and action plan in this crucial area.

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